Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Roman army by post

Well the first order from the night (knight*) of credit card irresponsibility has arrived and it's a bewdy!
The Roman starter (starter! I'll need a bigger house if this is the starter) army has arrived. I'll have to admit to being a little shocked at the size of it. I just went back to the Warlord Games web store to check up on how much was in the box, oooer!
I cant be bothered checking it's all there just now (having shocking headaches and very blurry vision for a week, very annoying) just being content with the mass of contents will suffice, my enthusiasm is being somewhat curbed by a dull throbbing. A trip to the doctor and dentist should have it sorted soon enough
If your ever thought about buying one and wondered about the size of the starter armies this shot would provide you with some scale, that is a 27" monitor in the background and my special paint pig "pig'n tea break" (guess - one of my all time favourite tv shows) super mug along side.
Numbers of figures are easy to get your head around the volume with sprues and so on is the surprise. Excellent value at around forty seven quid, no vat tax for OS customers and no postage for July. That is what I call gentlemanly behaviour, eh, what do you say Miss Lizzy?

*Hmm, the Royal Order of the Knights of Retail Philanthropy, Has a ring to it ..... or is that just the ringing in my ears?


  1. I agree it is a box of pure fun, I picked one up at a show for £45 just waiting for a spare week or two to paint them up. If you want a better bargin pick up the ECW starter it has £92 worth in there.

  2. I picked up my Roman Starter Army box from the guys over at Architects of War the other day and agree it's a great deal. All I need is a few calvary and some war machines and the Empire will expand yet again. I'm planning to start work on the Romans in mid-August.

    Again Mr Pigment Porcine you should be commended for your philanthropical work in the field of miniature development aid.

    The ECW box is also a great deal but I must resist yet another army/period.....

    Feel better


  3. Oh my, that's a good-sized project you have there. Quite a bargain too. Dean

  4. The Knight s of Retail Philanthropy say .......Ni

    Beats a ficken shrubbery hands down and that's no lie.

    ....and to think theres no value in giving away free samples, what a crock! This really is the result of that free sample piece I painted up in the first posts, albeit about two years after receiving it.

    This project is going into the cupboard to mature for a bit. I'll probably get some cav and a couple of war machines as well Miles. I think the spear armed looked the better of the two sets? It doesn't really need much more does it.

    The dentist thought it was a huge joke that I came to see him with a headache until he had a look, then had the cheek to say I wasn't getting check up's. Pointed to my clinic card with my history etc.,
    I think the last dentist I saw in that clinic has been given the rocket fair and square up the jacksie for being a lazy no good F*&#%n C*%t with the brains of a Fettid Stinking T%$d.

    Personally I think he might be a bit of a twat!

  5. James is trying to get me divorced, no ECW!
    Strangely enough I had originally intended to paint the Pike n Shotte free sample, but somehow it ended up in a jar of acetone with some old metal figures I was cleaning. At least I think that is what the little grey piece of snot was. :-)

  6. the ECW are OK the Musketeers are little buggers to stick but I love the fact you get everything you need in the box's bases flags guide. This is only bettered by Immortal miniatures hard plastic hoplites where you get a history lesson (but no bases). I also like the fact a hard plastic mountain is lighter than its lead cousin :)good on the H&S front

  7. Hello James

    I notice that warlord games are extending their deal for another month, so maybe the romans might find some Dacians to share the cupboard with, or maybe Gauls...hmmm.
    The hoplites you mention sound very interesting do you have any to post on the blog?
    Your right about the plastics they aren't going to put as much pressure on the house stumps (I live in a very old traditional tropical Queensland house biult up high on poles/stumps)or my back with their weight.



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