Thursday, 15 July 2010

25mm Dixon ACW : white undercoat

Before I crack on with those AB Nap's I had a quick (long) play around with some white undercoat painting. The test piece is a Dixon 25 Reb standard bearer, well actually he could just as easily be a Union type of chap (depending on theatre and campaign), however I painted him as a Rebellious type!

I have used acrylics, from the vellajo and citadel ranges, for this paint project and some artist acrylic which I prefer for washes. The gamer acrylics have been hard to control there is no working them, they pretty much dry fairly quickly and that is that. With the artists acrylics they are designed to be worked (as an alternatives for oils) after the initial application.

The hat is that funny colour (not the finished colour) because I washed the miniature with panes grey before commencing, I needed that to pick out the detail so I had some reference points to start working with (I'm new to this game). I've given the canteen an extra coat of panes grey and I'll leave that be

Before adding the butternut to the trews, I was happy to keep the brown colour you can see here which is brown-black artist acrylic un-thinned. I applied it, then with an old brush rubbed away excess  paint from the high points. I was happy with this and would have kept it if I hadn't wanted to trial the buttenut, you probably noticed that I have started applying a butternut finish on the rear.

These last two shots are pretty similar, in the second I just wanted to get a look from slightly below (no I'm not up skirting/shirting, in fact I've never even heard of the term before). Obviously he isn't finished but I am for now, I'll ponder (bit like pudle-ing only slightly larger) for a bit before coming back to it.

Feel free to criticize/observe/advise, I certainly have and I'll write them all up once the job is complete. For now however I'll keep the self criticism just that.

Oooer, before I forget. big thanks to Andrew Copestake, Douglas Crowther and John Reece thanks for the tips guys, I'll get there..... E-ven-tew-arlie.... hmmmm?


  1. Dave,
    As i've already said elsewhere that is superb - 'proper painting' as a friend of mine would say. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. And let me know if you'll be taking commissions...8-) Cheers.

  2. Blummin 'ell Douglas I didn't notice your comment on the post, sorry.

    Oh yes, of course I'll take commissions, maximum of four figure per unit and delivery in what year? ;-)

    Superb maybe layering on a bit thick lol but it is an visually effective way of going about the job. I got around to looking at Simons Legio web site last night and found some useful ideas there. He has done a marvellous job with the dixon 15mm WSS troops of which I have quite a few down in the lead mine. It has got me to thinking.


  3. Dave,

    thanks for the acknowledgement. It is a bit depressing that your first effort is better than my painting.

    I really like that figure. It looks as if it could be in a period print. Straight out of Battles and Generals.

    Keep on going, who knows what you will be like when you get the hang of it!!


  4. Thanks John

    I have just about finished mucking about with him, if he looks ok it's got a fair bit to do with the advice I received, oh I should include some of the Legio site pics I stared at for ages. Must get back to ruminating about your gallic impressionists posts too.



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