Wednesday, 14 July 2010

15mm AB French line

Getting there, tried not to let myself get too sidetracked today with other painting projects, just a bit sidetraked

Drummers drumming......

Officers officiating........

Voltigeur voltigeuring!

....and the line infantry types are getting closer to infanry-ing.
Sorry no partridges in pear trees.


  1. Very nice PP; I love French line infantry. Do you mix in guys with gaiters? I wish Victrix or Perry made some in their 28mm lines. I like the campaign trouser look too, but a mix would be even better. I looked at Front Rank, and although very nice, they wouldn't mix in with the plastics - IMO. Regards, Dean

  2. Cheer Geek mk1. Dean Im pretty sure they dont make them with the half gaitor. not in this range (Imperial French line). I would prefer that to fifteen different water flasks (slight exagerration, only slight though). There is a hint of gaitor showing under the trousers around the shoes but I generally ignore it, by the time I've finished flocking the bases it becomes irrelevant, lord Im slack one. =)

    They do have the boys with their campaign coats on, which they didn't when I bought the bulk of these. I quite like the look so I'll be getting a few of them to mix in before they are based.


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