Friday, 30 July 2010

The postman always rings twice, oooer its Luftpost!

Apparently Nina has drifted past Chez Pig in one of those red balloons today.
Oh goodness me, 
oh me oh my, 
is that a clockwork fairy
in the bag I spy?

I wonder what else is in this bag of tricks, 
hang on........
theres not one clockwork fairy, 
well bugger me, 
there's six
You cant have clockwork fairies just fliting about
Here's the boss
A steampunk fairy, 
to take control 
and give em a clout

Dont know why 
I order those skulls and things
but heres a nice shot
Of the steampunk fairies

wait for it.........

Steam powered wings


  1. Are you not a little old to be playing with fairys :)

    look nice though, hope you are going to tip your postie at Xmas with all these boxs they have to carry.

  2. *in a micheal jackson voice* That's just ignorance.....

    I bet you still go "brrrrm" when you push your panzers around the table, hehehe.




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