Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Stop That Horse

Well, the worm has turned and, it is time to get back on the horse..... lil lead ones of course. Over the last few weeks I have been scanning the blogs and mini's sites making fantasy list about figures and paints and such and the painting bug is biting, not a deep full 'fanged up' chomp but a...... consistent nibble.  I have been going through my lead mine and checking the paint pots for lumps so there is an air of expectancy (she who must be restrained thinks its an air of eating too much curry) and the chinky tap of ferrule on glass is being heard once more.

I have been looking over the half started figures and selected one or two that shouldn't present too much difficulty although I will be pretty rusty to start of with. I expect the touch to come back within a reasonable time (as it has in the past when taking a break) but this time not the eye (i.e. feel for colour and shade of the various paints). It takes a while to remember the vagaries of the different brands, just how much highlight or wash to use and mixing consistencies.

A visit to optometrist is booked for next Monday which was made doubly important as the visit to the Herr Dokotor last Friday gave the schweinhunt the opportunity to pronounce me as suffering from type 2 diabetes (honestly what next!), for which was described two tablets slightly smaller than an economy sized motor vehicle each night. Anywho the eyesight should sharpen up, at least when I'm making a horrendous paint/colour choice it will be in the right spot, hee hee.

Bye the way thanks for the comments and look forward to boring the pants off'n you with my inane ramblings.


  1. Good to see your back on the pig and will wait to see what porky brings, good health.

  2. Nice to see you back at it again. While Dr's are a pain-in-the-*** every now and then they provide some useful information. Ok I had to say that since I married to one.

    Best of luck with your continued recovery


  3. Thanks Miles

    You poor man, does she conduct experiments on you? Does she watch you drink your tea with a whistfull expression on her face, does your tea ever taste slightly odd?

    Unfortunately heart disease and diabetes runs in the family and although I remained relatively fit they have caught me up.

    Cheers Lurker, the pig gonna squeal

    What pisses me of guys is all that junk food I have turned down (not saying I havent sampled the odd burger when no one was watching) over the years in the hope of beating genetics, dammit!

    Seeya I have a date with four fried chickens and a coke!!!!

  4. Good to see you on the up and up and I look forward to you getting back onto WAMP

  5. When she was in med school I was often volunteered for this study or that study) often with comical results. My days as a test subject do come in handy now when I do something stupid now (something that seems to happen a lot) as I can retort - remember the time the experimental drug .....

    She's on the faculty of a local school now and specializes in designing/installing replacement jaws - I do hope I never qualify for testing now!


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