Friday, 18 February 2011

Old Minifigs 25mm AWI

These old fellers needed a bit of an airing. They will eventually end up in Mak'n Bacon but for now I'll line 'em up and have a parade and makes battles noises, hoorah!

"Sir their shooting at us"
"Well, shoot back"

"Steady lads this ones a giant"


  1. Battle noises.....great also with aircraft and tanks.

  2. takka takka takka takka vrooooom

  3. Fine painting. Although I'm a matte finish guy, I think you pull off the glossy finish with these. Dean

  4. Got to love those Minfigs - they form the core of my AWI project - I'd still buy them from choice even now...

  5. Thanks Dean

    These were satin finish, most of my early stuff is, they had so much dust over them (too many years in storage) I had to wash them! Very gentle swirl in soapy water and pat them dry with paper towel then stand them in front or a fan. I then went to reaply the satin clear couldnt find any so they got the shiny instead.

    They are great figures but patchy, The 'continental line firing' is as good as you will get anywhere even against modern sculpts and almost seems out of place with minifigs.



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