Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Blog, shameless self promotion

I have decided to try my hand at 'display quality' painting and basing and with this endeavour I have made the decision to create a new blog "three lil pigs painting" Hopefully it wont be a flash in the pan and all fall apart the first time I trip over a mini and find it too difficult.

It is also giving me the opportunity to crawl down the lead mine, pull out some of those wargaming figures that were purchased on some sort of perverse whim and actually do something with them. As for 'display quality' well lets say we know what it means in a practical sense but I don't think it's a term that should prejudice table top painting, and I will still be here working on my wargames painting.

This is my first piece an Alternative Armies Iron Age knight, it is an old figure and definitely does not feature in their range any longer. For details on the what's and wherefore's head on over to three lil pigs painting

thanks for your time 


  1. Nothing wrong with shameless self promotion, have added to favourites, no option to follow but that's probably intentional.

  2. err no, will get back in there and find the appropriate widgets. thanks for bringing it to my attention AL


  3. The pearlescent on that fig looks great...a new blog should keep you busy

  4. g'day cap'n

    It wont keep me too busy I can usually manage two miniatures a week ;-) Display quality painting is something I thought I would like to have a crack at and that blog will follow my story.

    The pearlesscent inks are something arent they? Not sure where and how they could be used, the games workshop kids probably have all manner of figs and vehicles that might be pimped up with it.



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