Friday, 18 February 2011

Modding Dixon ACW aka whats going on here?

Whats happening to me? I don't modify figures, must be all the medication I'm taking. Somewhere between priming and issue of uniform this chap lost the top half of his musket, I have looked and looked, shear incompetence that man! To make up for the destruction of government issue he has just been appointed standard bearer with the appropriate modifications underway, what a pity he has the falling in battle pose (hehehe).

I have started to trim down the rest of his musket, I think I should have cleaned off the undercoat first, will do that before the final file down. It's a timely little mod as it will fit in neatly with my flag making wip (and pigs might fly). Lordy, I hope he's not expecting milliput or green stuff, I don't do putty!


  1. Listen less of these university terms...modifications....I like to call it bodging.

  2. Nice job, PP...most of my flagbearers carried a rifle at one time


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