Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ahh the great outdoors

I was busy rattling away on the computer this afternoon when some of the local wildlife happened by.

Something peeping out from behind the curtain

I was down loading some pics to computer so I had the camera close at hand. I was assuming it to be a baby tree snake or python which for the most part arent poisonous, not that the offer to test this theory was forthcoming.

The chase begins

He kept ducking in and out from behind the linen cupboards which was doing my mood no good at all. You can check the size of the lil fella against the power cord hence my thinking it was a young un however it was well over a metre long, so I was starting to reassess?

Back outside where you belong

I managed to stay sufficiently well hidden at one point as he slid passed and grabbed him by the tail and stuck him out on the window sill, quickly ducked outside and got a nice clear shot for identification.

After consulting the Australian parks and wildlife, state of Queensland, web site I can tell you that this is the common or green tree snake and was full grown at around 1.5 meters, thankfully non venomous, which I had suspected due some simple rules of thumb about snakes that most Aussies kids learn growing up, particularly those living on the land. Of course if your not sure leave them alone, this one didnt posses any of those warning signs in colour and shape that quickly tell you that "Im a nasty bugger so back off"


  1. That was amazing and to have pictures aswell, posionous or not snakes are definitely scary especially if at the time you don't know wether they are poisonous or not, very brave sir.

  2. You're too right - I'd have left the house! :o)

  3. Snakes are brilliant!! I found one here..a watersnake...bloody huge thing...hissed like a good un when I picked it up and stuck her in a bucket.
    Great photos.

  4. My mother-law has dozens of tiger snakes on her rural property. Nothing a shotgun can't fix.


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