Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Painting Dixon ACW Union .....classic look

I've tried my hand with some Rebels, the last of which I was very happy (shiny post) and now

I'm having a look at some Union troops. I have found the dark blue a tricky colour to control when applying sparingly, it certainly wants to bight me and take over the figure, not allowing the white undercoat to provide high lighting.

The lighter colour of the trousers was much easier to apply and the natural highlighting is clear and well defined, it wont need any prompting from me as far as going back in with a lighter colour.

I still cant get my flesh tones sorted out properly, I think one of the colours I use was in the stack that was thrown out recently, dried out pots..... Look at the size of that hand holding the pistol! I hadn't notice that until I saw the photos.

Face has a snake bite leather (citadel) wash before painting to help pick out the details. Jeez Louise, I don't paint eyes as a rule, how am going to sort out/ hide those saucers?



  1. For the dark blue the way I do it (and you're a way better painter than me!) I go black undercoat, damp brush white for the highlights, and then dark blue ink/wash over the top...

    PS. Couldn't agree more about the eyes.... I saw someone the other week who'd painted eyes on his horses.... they must follow you all round the room... little horse eye balls, and little rider eye balls... yikes... shiver...

  2. Thanks Steve

    I remember now that with Mindens and other Dixons with the white u/c I had given them a wash in Paynes grey, same thing other way round but! I think I have to start with a lighter blue, the stuff Im using is pernicious to say the least and does not take prisoners.

    Ahhhh, one of my pet hates, horses eyes, going for close on 30 odd years of gaming and Im still to have my say about the obvious and irritating mistake regarding them. Im waiting very patiently for someone else to notice the horses eye syndrome and explode at which point I will go out in sympathy, it will start a world wide chain reaction, muahahahahahahaaaaa!



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