Saturday, 29 March 2014

Huron and some Medieval quickie

Not much happening chaps and chapettes, kidney stones laid me low for a short while and looking after my ol' grandma has taken up a bit of my time. Had a bit of a session on the brushes again in between  phantom kidney pains, no kidding everytime I got even the slightest tweak I was diving for the swear jar and expecting the worse. Those of you in the know know what I'm talking of..... those of you that dont, well lets just say your in for a rude shock if you get the stones!


  1. Wonderful looking Natives and Knights! Your G'ma's and your own health issues haven't diminished your brushwork at all. My prayers to your mom and your health. Regards, Dean

  2. Excellent paint job, especially for me the Hurons and the last knight!


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