Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bring out yer dead-Medieval types

I'm still alive, even got around to doing some painting.

Pop quizz, what in the name of pestilence is that?

And what is it made of?


  1. Great painting, but I'm afraid I'm no help with your query.

  2. Don't know for the quizz, but I know you've done an excellent paint work!

  3. Very nice painting on some cool looking figures - who makes them? I can't really make out the item in question, but could it be a hook for a crossbow winch? Best, Dean

  4. Thanks guys, crossbow chap and quizz knight are from Old Glory and the casualty set is part of the Perry medieval line up. Winch/hook has been considered Dean and I like the idea, here comes the but, but none of the actual cross bowmen have them 8-)


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