Saturday, 22 February 2014

Huron wip... label me stupid

While waiting for glue/paint/some such to dry on some basing work I have been focused on of late I let my mind wander to painting one of my woodland Indians for official "2014 project yet to be numbered" FIW theme using Muskets and Thomashawks. These chaps are periphery figures meaning they are primed, situated for painting, on the desk but not currently front of house as far as painting is concerned. I have two of these "projects in waiting" ready for some change of pace ,should it be needed, whilst the focus project requires some breathing room.

OK well that explains the Huron bit, but what is this label me stupid? Well for the second time in 12 months I have painted a figure in metallic paint instead of what I believed was a tan colour, both in the wee hours, the first time on a horse. Because of the nature of those frosted plastic dropper bottles the metallic element wasn't apparent and I picked up the wrong bottle based on the colour not bothering to look at the label, derr. It was a lesson well learnt and not, or not likely, to be repeated until last night what makes last nights little blunder so galling is that I did read the label of the bottle yet did not connect the dots so to speak.

So how did the faux par come to pass if I was on my game (if you can call someone painting at 2am as being on their game), well quite simply I hadn't realised the need for a gold metallic wash! Still don't. I recently bought a job lot of Secret Weapon washes to try out and thought the "Golden Brown Wash" glazed would give a nice rich hue to my lil Huron Indians flesh, unfortunately "Golden Brown Wash" is a nice golden brown hue with gold flake in it and of course being a wash it is thinly distributed and not at all noticeable until you examine the recipient of said "Golden Brown Wash" the next morning in sunlight, even then it reads as something disturbing is going on but not plainly apparent.

Who in their right minds needs this wash, aaaargh, if it is used as a wash and not a glaze it will pool in the crevices as it should and distribute it's piffling amount of metal flake in said crevices, as it should, who, what, why and when is all I could think whilst repainting the flesh for another crack and suspecting a conspiracy. I now rate it as the most useless paint/wash/ink/medium out there and lordy I have come across a few I can tell you, it was all an evil plot I tells ya.

Anywho This is what I have come up with so far, just need to do a bit more research before I tackle the hair and warpaint. Damn nice figure too, very neatly sculptured.

Go away fairy!



  1. That is a nice sculpt, Dave. Good progress too - the bead work on the bag is impressive. Dean

  2. Very nice sculpt, I do my indians with foundry butter fudge and wash it with ap soft tone.

    Have to agree is there a point to a wash with gold flakes in it another must not purchase item.

  3. Thanks Dean, will have to check them out Andrew I bet they dont shimmer and shine under a bright light ;-)


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