Sunday, 2 February 2014

Repulican Romans ... let the painting begin

 Official 2014 Project #1 ....and that is official!

Well the dust has settled from my Cancon weekend and the troops have been sorted, fist cab off the rank will be the Aventine Miniatures, mainly cause some had already been painted, and secondly, in fact most importantly, I have a rule set which is favourable to my strained sensitivities.

It seems more and more that the problem with me getting stuck into the pile of shame is finding rules that I can come at, Impetus seems to be a set of rules that I can live with comfortably and break my ancient and medieval duck on.

The Velites are nicely animated

So with a totally new period in mind the paint bench has been cleared of crisp packets, dead moths, old cups of tea and all that paraphernalia which seems to accumulate when it is not being used for it's prime purpose. There are a few  SYW Russian and French grenadiers hugging the side lines that need finishing off but having those type of hangers on floating about always makes for a nice change of pace while waiting for paint to dry on the main project.

He does look very nice, couldn't resist having a crack.

At the moment I'm working on two bases of velites and a signifier (he looked so damn good I have to throw him in the mix), I'll probably be putting four velites to a base but it is subject to change once they are painted and I start fiddling about, four seems about right. The nice thing about Impetus is that there are no hard and fast rules about the number of figures required per base for each troop type as long as the base represent the troop type appropriately your pretty free to dress them as you see fit, what a novel idea!

Just add javelin, shield and finish the fur trim

I have stuck with a pretty simple paint job for the Velites, off white (citadel dehneb stone) with a beige tone for shading, I'm liking this compared to the grey shading more often used for white. As an after thought I was going to put a broad red stripe down the font of the tunic but I think it would be wiser to start the figures off with that than add it in now, far too much faffing about.

 The tunic for the Signifier is as for the Velites but with less yellowing and I toned down the cloak a bit as I didn't want it too red. The cloak is the really old swamp brown from citadel (remember that one?) and I just toned it down a bit for the shade with  a very very little of a very dark blue for the shadows and lifted it with a tiny point of ivory for the highlights. The highlight colour was just about an exact match of Citadel tanned flesh so I'll go with that in the future

I'll need to check the shoulder strap on this 'un then finish the crest, add his lollypop and he can direct all the traffic he wants
Armour is a base of tin blitz applied in successive coats with a little burnished gold added each time. I give the armour a wash of very dark purple between each coat and finished up with a wash of dark brown just before a final highlight of shining gold with a tiny point (tinksy winsky bit) of tin blitz added (by the way I selectively apply the wash for the armour not slap it all over as is usually the case).

By the way the figures are from Aventine Miniatures (google it noob) :-)
thanks for looking


  1. I've yet to try Impetus - but I note that many folks in the blogesphere use them with high regard - I'm sticking with Hail Caesar as I just don't want to try and learn another set of rules. Aventine has some of the best details around - though likely due to their larger size compared to other 28mm. Best, Dean

  2. If your rules work for you stick with them I say. They are lovely figures them Aventines, thanks for visiting Dean.

  3. Hi Dave - great blog. Saw the Impetus comp at CANCON and have done exactly the same - bought the rules and what supplements I could find and will dive in to what looks like a great set of gaming rules for a fun night.

  4. Thanks for the comment Carlo, I have little doubt the rules work and as for "fun" the guys running and participating in the comp proved that.

    Get onto the fb forums ol'boy for the Aussie group

    and for the rest

  5. Nice one, cobber. (er, but what's a cobber? nowt rude i hope)

    I'm sure I've commented on these before though...
    Some't about blu-tac ;-)

    Checking out your blog, mate. Liking what I see so far.

    Going to check out Impetus rules - see if they'll work with 10mm fig's.

    gingerbhoy (SD forum)

  6. Lovely painting, and thanks for sharing some of your techniques!

    I do love Imeptus, I just wish it would catch on locally.

  7. Cheers Monty n Larkinus, Impetus is written in such a way that it would suit any scale and budget (you decide how many figures to put on a base not the rules).
    Richard of Tarty's Tin blog was one of the driving forces around these parts Monty, he has a great attitude and put on games getting people involved, the rules themselves did the rest.
    Always willing to share my ideas on painting Monty, some work some dont. If you see something that I haven't explained or you wouldn't mind trying give me a yell and I'll do my best to expalin.

  8. Yep, went and downloaded the Basic Impetus rules last night. I'll read them through today, and give it a crack with 10mm Pendrakens.

    Probably will try it with different scales too. Always wanted to paint some of those Perry Medieval's for instance. These rules will allow so much opportunity to try things out on the bases.

    Cheers for bringing them to my attention.

  9. Wonderful work here Dave this is going to be one beautiful army when it's done….they are going to look amazing on the big Impetus bases.

  10. I hope so tarty, fingers crossed for the Goulburn tourney.


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