Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Getting down With Magua

What is roasting on the low flame this week? 

Well I dragged myself off to the local gamer show over the weekend and had a jolly nice time, firstly and most importantly I hooked up with a couple of guys who share my passion for Charlie Grants "The War Game" or more correctly Charlie Jr's version. It is always uplifting to find fellow gamers that are as passionate as yourself about a period or set of rules, we gamed chatted and laid plans for future sessions, good stuff.

No school like the Old School, great rules

I also met up with the operator (Nathan Vinson) of Elite Miniatures Australia and had a look at some of his wares, shed some coinage in his direction and admired his painting efforts in the flesh, having seen plenty of it on TMP previously it was a treat to view his talents in the lead.  Elite figures might appear to be a bit different in style to some peoples eye but not to mine, visions of the lovely Peter Gilder painted armies came to mind, Nathan comes across as a very genuine guy and I would have no hesitation in recommending using his services.

An example of Nathans ability with the brush and some Perry plastics http://www.eliteminiaturesaustralia.net/default.html

Lastly in an off the cuff sort of way a deal was made regarding building a Musket and Tomahawks force with a gaming buddy. I mentioned that the rules might be of interest to me having read some good gaming reports around the blogosphere, he is pretty well up on his SAGA and thought I would probably like the rules as they are from the same stable and offered to build an opposing army if I committed.  What can I say I popped into the conquest miniatures web store and low, Magua and his feather wearing painted faced cronies are winging their way to the sunshine state as I type. Watch out Greyhair your days are numbered.

Conquest Indians painted by http://www.twfigurines.de/  ...cant wait to get mine

Best part of the weekend, well, after many months I feel enthusiastic hobby wise (in general truth be known) there is no doubt that lobbing a couple of Thomas Hawks about the table will be just the tonic.

I should thank Glen Verburgt of Brisbane Independent Gamers for putting on the show, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Looking forward to your warriors for M&T. Have yet to try out the rules, but built a small force each of British and French. Best, Dean

  2. Sounds like a good weekend, like Dean I'm looking forward to seeing how the Huron warband turn out.

  3. Thanks for the great write up Jules, it was great to catch up and have a chat...loved the weekend

    All the best and hope to see you up this way soon




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