Saturday, 28 September 2013

Commission Painting to Return

That is correct Paint Pig will be returning to painting by commission in the new year, I will be taking orders from March 1st. Prices will remain pretty much as stated on the commission page, though I will probably not be accepting anything under 25mm in scale from now on unless a convincing argument can be mounted (please include wedge when applying), the stated terms and conditions will be looked at but once again I do not foresee any significant changes. This announcement will also see a return to spec. painting and all items will be sold through my ebay account unless a competitive offer is made during the WIP stage.

I will re instate the contact form in due course for those that wish to make enquiries before the 1st of March and take a thorough look at the commission page to make any necessary adjustments. I hope this will satisfy those who have been gently harassing me over the last 12 months. Surprisingly, and possibly due to my health being tinkered with by a bevy of surgeons and associated quacks, I'm looking forward to pushing pigment again albeit at a more gentle pace.


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