Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wretched Prattling: Forum recruiting and new addition to our driveway

Your thinking "hey you, aren't you supposed to be in hospital Mr Paint Pig" well surgery has been put back a week due to one of the surgeons that was supposed to chopping me up getting caught in an operation that went much longer than expected so I have been given a slight reprieve from an enforced horizontal holiday for a wee bit longer.

What An Odd Fellow
Odd Fellow Lounger enjoying the relaxing atmosphere
As you may have guessed, or possibly not, I have some not insignificant involvement in a little forum which goes by the name of The Odd Fellows Wargaming Lounge, whilst being of low spirits and unenthusiastic over recent months I had completely avoided any input with the this endeavour much to the forums detriment. Having given myself a good talking to (and kick up the bum for good measure) I have determined to put some much needed energy back into the project.

Our staff are eager to please
Essentially it is a forum for Imagineers, 17th - 18th century enthusiast and those with a liking for older rule sets and home brew rules. As this is a little restrictive for some we now provide an area for discussion of those interests members might have outside of this scope. I would like to personally like to invite you all to stop by and take a look and if you like what you read and see sign on the dotted line.

Budding writers preparing an article for the presses
The forum software (vBulletin) has a content management system which is roughly a tool that can convert forum posts into a emagazine like display,  perfect for the budding wargaming journalist and story teller not to mention promoting services and product so if this sounds like something you can use  please get in touch with us

And in other news

Besides painting and gaming you may have already gathered from previous posts that I'm a bit of fishing enthusiast, I also like to do some off roading too. Usually this involved leaving the black top and heading out for some bush touring, time and health have put an end to the longer trips and not having a need for our old 4x4 touring outfit I decided to sell up and buy a new vehicle for weekend scrub bashing fun in the numerous off road parks that abound in and around Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Somewhere in the Pilliga (google it) Forrest national park
The old girl, a Holden Jackeroo (Americans would know this as an Isuzu Trooper) and a rock solid piece of kit she was. Yes that is Mrs Paint Pig saying "don't you dare point that camera at me Mr Man". this was on our Brisbane to Adelaide avoidance of bitumen 2500km round trip, I always use a little hiking tent for overnight stops.

And so what is the use of getting a new fourby if you don't show it off, so here is the new addition to the family "Broostah" It has been something of culture shock to go from a raw 4x4 to a vehicle that has all the bells and whistles as far as off road driver assist aids are concerned.

Yep a Toyota san FJ Cruiser, an homage to the original Toyota FJ40,  from time to time I'll post the highs and lows of building a mud splasher come rock climber out of this little beauty and the shenanigans we get up too. So far I have fitted some rock sliders and a heavy duty to bar (for the boat) to Broostah but surgeon fees will put the kibosh on anything more for the next six months or so.


  1. Nice car, I have gone big in my new car too (well Jan so new ish) its more a 4x4 lite (Kia Sportage)
    Peace James
    hope op goes well BTW

  2. Very cool post, Dave. Love your new ride too. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice James, the older lil Suzukis and Diahatsu's were awesome climbers and general fun vehicle, I'm sure the Sportage will give you hours of fun too.

    Thanks Dean, I'll be keeping an eye on your balloonist project.

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  5. I'm new to your blog so I'm unaware of what your surgery involves. So I will wish you the absolute best.

    Looking forward to seeing you mod the new vehicle.

  6. Nice new ride - the camping set up is sweat too. My son and I use Hamock tents (tarp. netting and a hammock) when hiking/camping.

    Best of luck with the upcoming surgery.


  7. Hope the op goes well Dave. They probably delay things to make you feel it was all the more worthwhile ;O)

    Lot of people round here have 4x4's, but off road to them means a supermarket car park . . . .

  8. In summer we use swags Miles, I caouldn't really be bothered putting the roof carrier on for that trip but that has an awning with mesh walls for the bugs and other ozzy creatures.

    Yep similar here Garry although most of 'em can be found waiting outside of schools in the morning and late afternoon.

    Thanks guys hopefully the saw bones can get stuck in this week and do the deed, I'm tired of the cardboard pre op diet they have me on, anti food, yuck.

  9. Very cool Dave.....all the best with everything mate.


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