Monday, 15 July 2013

Last cut is the deepest?

This week marks what is, I hope,  the beginning of the end of the somewhat boring rounds of GP and hospital visits. An endoscopy on Thursday last to establish the next plan of attack (re the saw-bones) found some small troubles but they were pretty much in the ballpark with what the surgeon expected and he has scheduled me in for a fortnights time, yay!

The desired effect should be an upgrading of general enthusiasm, not least for the toys. I might even have enough patience for unending procrastination, a war gaming hallmark, although I doubt it is a virtue I want to encourage.

Obviously I'm going to have to orgy-anise my hobby time in to some sort of productive shape, I'm blowed if I can describe the shape it is in at the moment...... is distorted a shape? I could work on the "what have I got in the pile of shame" or "what am I going to want to play" one exceeds computation and the other has yet to surface so neither really form the basis for whipping things, especially time, into shape. Interestingly the pile of shame has not continued growing at it's normal alarmist rate during my down time, this is somewhat new, don't go imagining it hasn't grown at all, I'm not dead!

I will start going through the painting room while I wait for my big day, getting the paints back in some order would be useful and it would probably be useful if I wasn't such a hoarder/collector of paints. I don't know what you guys are like but I cant resist exercising the retail muscles whenever something new or untried is found paint and pigment wise. I could just about paint the bally house with all the pots...... hmmmm?


  1. Here's hoping all goes well and you are safely reinstated at the painting table!

  2. Cheers Mike, I'll confess to having to muster a certain amount of enthusiasm, dont fear it probably hasn't strayed far so the muster wont take too long.

  3. Hope everything sorts itself out! Love the patience is a virtue pic, made me laugh!!!

  4. Lovely post - I like your spirit and enthusiasm. Best wishes on your health and projects! Warm regards, Dean

  5. Thanks Dean and Ray, counting the last few days now. Everyone seems certain that the miscreant bits of my gizzards have been located and their removal will sort all and sundry.


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