Thursday, 5 January 2012

Musings on Painting and Blogging and Age

So while gazing at my navel and scaring the fishes I spent some time thinking about my blogs and trying to sort out in my mind how to better organise myself, my hobby and my personal wargaming collection. These fishy musings resulted in my resolve to rejuvenating and refocus the content of my fig v fig from bayonets to breach loaders blog and use it to store my own personal wargaming and miniature collection which for the most part covers the period generally know as the 'horse and musket' era or 'black powder' era. I have been known to collect outside of this period but very little, and only because wargamers are incapable of turning down the opportunity to buy shiny,  it's our collective weakness.

So what is going to happen to Ask Paint Pig, well not much will change really, hopefully the quality of posts will improve, more on paints and techniques that I have found work well or not and perhaps not as many but more rugular posts. The Ask Paint Pig blog will still remain my painting journal and painting commission's blog with WIP's and For Sale notices of my 'painted for eBay' figures.

Now your probably wondering where the painting and age part comes into it. I wrote a small post for the fig v fig blog which I should have posted here on Ask Paint Pig (my first mix up). Not wanting to go through the motions and re-write it here I will link you to it. Hope you enjoy my ramblings and if you have any ideas on the subject please leave comments.

Oh by the way

We caught a few chopper but this is the first one I've dragged in bigger than the ice box
thanks for looking

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