Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Essex Crossbowmen aWIP

I's Still hot hot hot in these parts definitely not painting weather, but I had ants in my pants last night so I did a bit of metallic/armour painting and blending on some old odds and sods lying about the place, here's the results. No commentary or sad words of wisdom just pics today (no cheering). Don't forget to click to enlarge and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

This chap didn't have any armour so I banged some paint on his surcot (?), white and light coloured paints and are awful to paint with when its hot it tends to clump or go grainy due to the white pigments (zinc or titanium oxides), so many, many thin white washes were used to build up some opacity and keep some smoothness.



  1. Nice looking step-by-step; the armor is really nicely executed. Best, Dean

  2. Oops! THose are three different figs. Sorry, but the poses are so similar. Best, Dean

  3. Hahaha no worries Dean. It must be late there, stop painting and get to bed.

  4. metals look very nice, was it a black wash?
    I have used a few different colours now blue gave a good look

    Peace James

  5. Very nice, great effect on the armour!!

  6. Armour looks fantastic. Like your work.

  7. These take me back 30 years - they still look great now. My first medieval were Essex.
    God bless Brian Gregory's sculpts.

  8. Thanks guys, I dont paint much of anything with armour so it was a nice change.

    @James I used washes on the king of the dead armour WIP, sort of Bogusz style (MM) But I thought I might try David Thomas (MM) with this and it didn't look too bad.
    Black U/coat (looks better under metallics) & Ive used citadel chainmail for the shading and highlighting (the lot) but with a little bit of snake bite leather 1st up & reducing the amount gradaully.


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