Thursday, 19 January 2012

Making and Using a wet Palette

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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation and photos. I've read a little bit about it on TMP, but wasn't exactly sure what it was. Now I believe I understand it thanks to your post. Best, Dean

  2. I've used a wet palette for the past year or so and really like it. My is made of a glad plastic container, some wet paper towel covered by parchment paper. It really extends the life of paint and makes blending much easier.

  3. Interesting. I used a wet palette some time ago - when I was first getting in to acrylics but found it too messy and fiddly. I have read your article and decided that I might try it again.

    Also loved the short article about you and Mrs Paint Pig and how she scratches your belly!


  4. Excellent post. I also tried this many years ago but gave up on it. Might give it another go now. Thanks for this.

  5. Interesting, I always wondered what a wet palette was, thanks for the info!!!


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