Friday, 30 December 2011

WIP 7YW French

I have found a few Front Rank Frenchies lying around and started painting them for a bit of muck around while waiting for other minis to dry. I found 8 figs so there must be a regiment in the offering, when the next FR order goes out I'll pick up some new recruits to make up an 18 fig battalion. I have been playing around with different greys for undercoating and highlighting so all 8 are going to be looking slightly different from one another, but it doesn't hurt to seek different approaches for painting your troops you never know what you might stumble upon....

Bit different to my usual French coat colour but quite acceptable I think, I have toned down the stockings a bit as I usually paint them white. Should make a reasonable ebay battalion when finished. Below is my regular French colour scheme (and miniature) with a cream white over a light grey base with white gaiters

Thanks for looking


  1. looking good, I do find the FR stuff very easy to paint just completed 3 units in less than a week
    Peace James

  2. As James said FR French almost paint themselves, they paint up so well, nice one!

  3. Very nice work. I really like the Front Rank stuff.

  4. The FR painting looks nice - especially with the red facings. However, I like the lighter grey coat on the earlier figures. Best, Dean

  5. Thanks guys, There is no doubt FR are easy to paint with their big heads and hands etc and deep folds.

    I like the cream colour as well Dean but I'm going to sell these FR's and the general consensus is my cream colour is too light for the uniform. This slightly cool and darker grey makes the red facings really pop tho.....


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