Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Message From the Paint Desk - Merry Xmas

It's rolling around again peeps. Commissions are finished and posted and as I'm tinkering with some of my projects which were delayed either by real life or imagined it is time to take stock ..............   OK now that's out of the way what has happened.

tinkering with my own projects
Tried out a new brand of paint (bought a job lot), Reaper they seem to be working out ok so far.
Opened my box of Citadel washes after 9 months, they seem to be ok too but I have only tried one colour! Clarence from Quindia studios to blame for that.
Realized what a shit load of paints I now have, to be fair to me *clears throat* a goodly a mount of the Citadel paints I inherited, true, with purchases of mini's off of ebay (surprisingly, although mostly dried out they did respond to resuscitation).
Tried some different styles of painting, transitioning colours with wet blending and transparency/filters as used in display painting and the white undercoat with washes and glazes producing a sort of water colour effect being my favourite. DC of unfashionably shiny to blame for that.
Got myself organized enough to try out different style of painting. Im to blame for that.

surrounded by paints
Tried painting metal effect with normal paints or nmm, it wasn't so hard try it.
Started doing commission work, haven't painted a single historical piece!
Painted my first ever goblin, dwarve, orc and 40 K vehicle
Painted my first ever Warhammer figure, see above.
Bought my first ever Warhammer figure, 2nd hand off of ebay
Mouthed off as if I know what I'm talking about.
Tried out diabetes and deceptively high blood pressure and got to visit a Neurosurgeon with loss of all feeling with my right hand (caused by high sugar level).
Worked out Plano tackle boxes have a size of box to fit any size paint pot, they are available just about anywhere, even Egypt!
And I had heaps of fun doing it all, and of course reading all your blogs and comments.

Which blog stood out for me? There are so many good ones and your all so talented but there is one that always made me shake my head with an "oh no what now ".  It would have to Cap'n Richard with his ACW (and other stuff) madness. There are so many good ones.........

Well the blurb part of this post is at an end and I'll leave you with a pictorial list of Works In Progress which I hope to finish over the next three weeks while I enjoy the season and a bit of fishing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers

Chasseur from Eureka Miniatures

 Sorceress from Dark Sword

 French Marshall from Front rank

 5mm WSS infantry from Baccus painted as a test for prospective commission, I don't think he liked 'em never heard back :-p

 Mort du Roi from Figone (king of the dead)

thanks for looking 


  1. Good stuff, nice tidy area and Happy Christmas!

  2. That king of the dead sure looks creepy!

    Have a nice Xmas Mr P.Pig



  3. Love the King of the Dead! A very Happy Christmas to you too. All the very best, Michael

  4. My 6 year old seen the Sorceress and said she is amazing :D

    Merry Christmas Mate.

  5. Great looking figures!!!
    Happy Christmas to you!!

  6. Merry Christmas MR Paint Pig. Have a good one in 2012.


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