Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ahoy there my meaty merlot swilling matey's Painting DVDs

To be honest this is a naval and wine free post so the title is slightly irrelevant. Having completed settling in the family elder into her new abode, modding it to suit her requirements, holding garage sales and generally wasting my time around the Bunderburg area with fishing rod in hand ;-) I return to the land of the painted lead. Not that I have been totally absent, completing two commissions in the interval on my days when I have been back in Brisbane looking after matters at home. I have also had the chance to watch a couple of painting DVDs all the way through, something I struggle to do with just about any DVD, whilst up north away from the brushes. Now I'm not saying I sat down and watched a 3 DVD set in one sitting but I did watch them more or less without distraction over consecutive days.

So, having now watched theses miniature painting DVDs more or less in their entirety without massive periods of time elapsing between sittings I find myself better placed to appreciate the approach of the painters and their techniques and evaluate the benefits. I suppose I should mention the title of the DVDs in question instead of rambling on, in no particular order they are ....... "Hot Lead" a 3 DVD set which covers all the basics through to some advanced techniques in detailed fashion and at a relatively even pace. The second is "Painting with JBT" a two DVD set which covers the basics in a fairly sparse way but covers more advanced techniques and ideas in much more detail and matter of fact delivery.

Now I'm not going to go into a detailed critique of these titles here and now but I will pad out a little about each DVD set in an upcoming post. I will say that I feel I got my moneys worth with both sets even though they covered information and techniques I already utilize in my painting. Till next time.

thanks guys


  1. Welcome back! Nothing wrong with fishing, but painting lead is better!



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