Thursday, 20 October 2011

Return of the WSS French Marshalls

Yes an actual rooly trooly painting post!

Getting back to where I left off some months ago with my French Marshalls and the NMM and TMM attempts (geez those initials look totally wank).  Basically nmm is using normal non metallic paint to simulate metal like the amazing Hussar Bob (check him out, google it!) and tmm uses metallic paints to simulate metal, "derrrr" I hear you scream, that's fair. OK for me it means using different shades/colours of metallic paint (and in my case inks) to give shade, highlight and mid tones to the metal parts of the figurine.  I'll say more about the processes of both these techniques and how I coped or not in a later post, suffice to say I'm really glad I had a crack at them.

A bit off work has been done on the figures at last and the metallic painted lace is finished the figure has been sealed with lacquer and the final 'fiddly bits' are moving into place, most noticeably with this figure is the amount of mane and rein that needed to be trimmed off of the mount to fit the rider. All that aside progress has been made, so here a few photos of work to date, the quality is not to my best standard, it appears the lacquer I used was pretty well full gloss instead of my normal satin and all that extra shiny played havoc with the camera's perjerba sensors and grommit flange stabilizers!

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