Friday, 15 July 2011

Looking out for No. 1

Yes once again The Paint Pig blog has gone into stop start mode, and once again my apologies. This time there will be none of that "poor bugger me", I have been looking out for a much more important person than moi, my Nana!

Nana had decided her house and garden was to much for her (I agree) and has spent most of this year badgering local authorities about moving into the towns seniors village, unbeknown to me, I don't know how she overcame the bureaucracy and paper work of the local council however she succeeded and got a position, pretty sharp going. The last three weeks have been spent driving up to her house (350 Km away) and moving her into her new seniors village flat, coming home for a couple of days to check on things and driving back up and continuing the move. I'm amazed at how much stuff (useful or not) she has accumulated and a house full of stuff does not fit in a one bedroom unit even if it is large and roomy, to cut a long story down to size some things had to go, we managed to get her shifted without too many heated debates although I'm doubly amazed at how Mrs Paint Pig and my ol' Gran managed to cram so many car loads of stuff into the unit, I swear the doors and windows should have been bulging under the strain but it is all hidden away somewhere?  I'm going to try and get hold of a stray cat next time I'm visiting Nan and give it a swing......... The units are pretty smart  with a double bedroom, large lounge dining area, kitchen, laundry, garden etc. I'm putting my name down for one!

On a slightly different subject, I took my old laptop with me for some entertainment at night and have once again become a slave to civ 4, so much so I'm now compelled to go and purchase civ 5.  This franchise has been a real time stealer for me right from the get go, I don't doubt that I will be playing civ 20 when I move into a retirement village!



  1. Not a problem, real life and Nana come first.

  2. Check this out - you might want to get listed:


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