Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Xmas/New Years clean out and changes

The year is fast approaching it's climax, Chrissy and New Years eve and once again I'm on the refurb trail, no there isn't any deep personal reflections simply blog thunkings.

The change to the dynamic view while pleasing to me with it's clean lines has caused readers some difficulties, particularly those with older machines and slower connections, this was made very apparent just recently and has shifted the scales back in favour of the standard view. Of course the difficulty of locating blog lists, follow buttons etc and all that jazz has also made life more difficult than it has a right to be. Ultimately the view I choose shouldn't be for me but for the visitors, let's face it I don't visit and read the posts, I've already read them......... and a load of tripe they are too!

Massive Edit: As you can no doubt plainly see there has been a re-shuffle of the deck chairs, so we should stay afloat for another hour or two at least, said the captain to the iceberg! Humans have come to the rescue and my problems are being sorted, they are so much more efficient than bots, said the actress to the hard drive. Dont ask about the mauve I haven't a clue myself, said the bishop to the jury.

Time for feet up and count the sleeps, said the paint pig


  1. That tripe looks bloody 'orrible! I'm quite lucky, I don't get a lot of spam, shhhh!

    1. It'll work out, I will have to reintroduce the captcha code for comments or vet them. More worrying was having sticky fingers in my email account which more or less meant that they had access to the blog and picassa account too. Thankfully they didn't realise that these things were connected and available to play with. The paintpig account has been disconnected from the blog now and I will be able to delete it once I have got my email contacts sorted. Over a low flame was the stand by but I think that it can be closed now too.

      It's hard to imagine raw tripe could look anyworse than boiled, but it does. Once it is copped up in a trippa de romanna it is pretty scrummy, just dont look while your eating it... :-)

  2. ?? sounds very strange Dave.

  3. How about exporting the content (posts) of this blog, and importing it to your new one so that you don't lose them....??

  4. Hoorah someone must be listening, contact has been made with a carbon based life form operating under the guise of a blogrot official. Hark is that the sound of gears creaking...


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