Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tis The Season

It certainly is the season, jolly on the other hand is a state of mind on which I cannot for the life of me get a firm handle on, be that as it may there are certain benefits for punters at this time of the year.

Electronic gamers are well aware that all the new release of console and PC games have hit the shelves and those war gamers that like to indulge in a bit of Assassins Creed or Halo amongst others will be well pleased. If you prefer strategy games like Civilization or Total War on the other hand your sure to find, with the new Johnie's on the block needing shelf space, they are inching towards the bargain bin, indeed I picked up the Total War Rome, Napoleon and Empire games for a tenner a piece and each with the DLC content.  I would have stayed in the shop longer to search for the other titles but electronic games shops are a bit like those fantasy war game chain shops or snorkeling or the green room, at some point you have to surface for air. Of course these TW games are getting a bit old in the tooth you might think, my reply is simple "only if you have owned them since they came out" I'm sure to derive as much fun out of them now as you all did 2, 3 or 4 years ago! Anyway a damn good substitute when everyone is too full of pud to push the leaden chaps around.

What has got my little feet tapping however is the little bonuses that some of the more insidiously evil purveyors of metal men have been offering, free postage is one close to my heart and Fife and Drum Miniatures and Ebor Miniatures have both received orders taking advantage. Foundry who weren't going to have a Xmas sale have come to the office party with their bonus pack offer, buy 16 and get another 6 for free, as long as they are all from the same line. That actually makes Foundry figures a respectable price, once again an order was placed, although with some small difficulty (more on this anon), and I imagine that there will be more than a few new armies in the planning. All in all with these impulse purchases my stockings will be well bulging by Christmas Eve and it wont be my cod piece putting all the pressure on the gusset.

And lastly if your a film buff you know to stay away from the cinema, Hollywood's outpouring of seasonal dross is about to overfloweth and the foyer of the Palais is no place for a film-ophile to be. So stay at home marvel at the big pile of shiny, turn on the computer or xbox and change the course of history for an hour or two, vive le revolution "Take that Welly ol'boy, no Iron Duke this day".

Maybe Jolly is like happy but without a cause?

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