Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No more commissions this year

Wow what a year to date, been plenty going on and it threatens to swamp me. As you have probably noticed I'm having trouble finding the time to devote to PaintPigs Blog or the FigvFig Blog for that matter. I'm afraid things are going to stay that way for a while I have been snowed under with home commitments, the new forum and what looks like a never ending list of painting commissions.

To that end I will not be accepting anymore commissions for the year 2012, sorry but that is the way it is, I have more than enough work on the books to see the year out so additional commissions would not be acted on until year 2013!

I will re asses the situation come January however I feel that new commission work will be restricted to Table Top display jobs, for those pieces you want to have stand out on the field of battle and in the cabinet. My hope is that by taking this new approach that I may be able to get some painting done for myself, I can seriously say that my own completed (based and all) figures for 2012 so far does not require me to remove my shoes to keep a count!


  1. Still a pretty envious place to be; clearly a reflection of your ability and service Sir.

  2. Sounds like a good thing - business-wise. Nothing like job security in these tough times. Best, Dean

  3. Sounds fair, that means more gaming time then ??


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