Monday, 17 September 2012

lace wars, imagi nations and old school

As I mentioned briefly in my last post I have been working on a content management system and forum for those interested in the lace wars, old school gaming, rules tinkering (new and old) and Imagi Nations. If you have an interest in war gaming or painting with figures from the era of Sun King Louis XIV to the American and French Revolutions read on.

 Latest dispatches from the interweb report a new gentleman's club for discussion by those Imagineers much attached to their Electors, Emperors and all manner of Imagined Upstarts. Generous spaces have been set aside for both the Old School and Classic gamer, Authors and Philosophers engaged in the further advancement of the Rules of War and uniform Outfitter's and Sutlers. Historical gamers who insist on lashing of lace on their figures are to be encouraged and very welcome indeed.

our eager staff are always ready to help
Only gentlemen of good standing, polite and courteous should apply, failing that cads and bounders of a polite and courteous disposition may also be permitted to enter providing they be honour bound to behave themselves to a code I and my staff apply strictly.
well dressed bounders may apply
To view and become a member of THE ODD FELLOWS WARGAMING LOUNGE simply click the underlined coloured text.
quartet of odd fellows discuss the latest rules while play testing continues at the table

Thank you for your time.


  1. A delightful Gentleman's Club, I'm already a paid up member, but have not yet received my M&S voucher or my Parker pen!


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