Thursday, 29 March 2012

News - time theives, facebook presence

I haven't had a  posting on the Ask Paint Pig blog for a couple of weeks now due to number of events which are contriving to steal my time.

It's campaigning season with Peters long planned 1814 Battle for France kicking off, so lots of rules and history cramming and plenty of thinking to do coupled with a large dose of scheming, some plans are so cunning you may be forgiven for mistaking them for a weasel.  As the official war historian it is my job to keep the masses abreast of the ebb and flow of  the campaign.  Not unpleasant loss of time in the least, the latest post of our hi-jinx can be found here at fig v fig.

I shouldn't really call the next ongoing event unpleasant but it is starting to become tedious, Dwarfs, lots of GW plastic and metal Dwarfs.  Practically all have been previously painted to varying degrees, doesn't vary much above good-ish, and it's my job to make them look presentable, a species of army refurbishment. They are not going to be stripped as it wasn't economical for myself (at the amount willing to be be spent) or the client (at the price quoted). This was a mistake for both of us as a lot of the metal figures aren't primed or undercoated and the paint is flaky and easily chipped, a solution that didn't involve huge amounts of time or materials was needed. I think we have managed to come up with a happy compromise which will provide a suitable paint job and some durability. More to come on this subject, with accompanying eye candy, as I get closer to posting this lot.

Last of all, Ask Paint Pig now has a face book presence, just over there on the left *huzzaaah*, so for those that think my endless diatribe is worth following we now have a new way of communicating. I suspect your wondering "why so long" and "bout time paint pig you luddite".  I will admit to having had an account for some time but I didn't tend to spend much face time (read none) with the beast of social Notworking. The reasons for my resistance are few but compelling, well compelling to me, but we shall forget all that and embrace the F word.  Blog followers and fellow gamers are of course welcomed with open arms and a jar of the good stuff so look me up via the Ask Paint Pig facebook badge there.

thanks for looking


  1. Keen to see your Dwarves, and how you've worked around the flaky paint. Something I once tried.. gave up.. Stripped half and sold the others! It wasn't a very productive "project" that one...



  2. No problem Nate, I've got a couple of the little blighters pulled a side just for this purpose and the camera batteries are on charge.

  3. Hows the Paint Pig doing??? ..hope everything is well with you


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