Thursday, 8 March 2012

aWIP - Calpe 28mm French Nap - Updated 10th March

I have these lovely Calpe Miniatures French in the painting queue (for figvfig blog) at the moment I have only opened one pack (F4) to have a look at the casings and take some photo's,  "wow" was the first thing I said when I saw them on the big screen, judge for yourself.  Click on the pictures for extra goodness.

As I have mentioned before I am some what of a dabbler when it comes to Naps so uniform details aren't my strong point but insofar as sculpting and casting quality is concerned the detail is quite lovely.

I have high hope for these figures from both my perspective as a painter and as a punter, I would certainly like to see Calpe progress as a brand if this is any indication of the quality. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial "go get some".

I wont be able to follow this up with another WIP for a bit as work is coming in steadily, these guys are going to have to wait for the paid painting to slow a little.

UPDATE - I shouldn't be doing this, too much on, but kids and candy have nothing on war gamers and their shiny.

 Clearly neither are finished but they are starting to come together nicely,  problem with such clearly sculpted detail is I now have to work out what it all is? I have the bits of rope accoutrement sorted ;-)

Hope you enjoyed this little look see

Oh yeah, this is Nancy (Sid's about some where), she likes to help with the photography.... poseur!


  1. These look like wonderful fig's to paint. Very nice detail.

  2. My word, they do look splendid. Off to have a closer look at the website.

  3. Oooo he looks nice without any paint on!!! Calpe do seem to be putting out some top quality figures!!!!!

  4. Definitely worth checking out guys, I'm hoping to slide some paint onto one in between paint jobs today and get some photo's.

  5. They always temp me - i just can't cope with the naff website they use .

    Look forward to seeing them painted - i have a decent Napoleonics library if you need me to check stuff for ya , give me a shout

  6. More Calpe French. Really impressive miniatures and your painting is really nice and smooth too.


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