Monday, 9 January 2017

Ollie and Charlie ECW

Picking up from where I left off a few months ago.... I really did have to start the new year painting something.

Warlord Games again (I suspect) Ollie Cromwell making excitement and Ye King looking cool and relaxed. Ye King sculpt is a little dodgy particularly around the eyes which is a bit of a pity. I might have to order a few of the Bicorne personality figures, they seem largish but from what I can see they seem more consistent.


  1. Very nice work! I have just finished a Charles1 for my collection.

    1. Cheers Rodger, what brand did you use for ye King? I'm a little disappointed with Warlord games figures (not the plastics mind). I use them because the ecw army is mostly Foundry and they fit in size wise. Perhaps Renegade and Bicorne might have been better but they are hefty lads....

    2. Not sure of the breed for Charles,but he looks almost identical to your figure. So may be the same. Horse is different though. I got mine from a friend along with a bunch of loose fig's of different brands.


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