Tuesday, 21 June 2016

ECW- Kings Lifeguard of Foote Pt.2

Work has progressed slowly on ye Kings Lifeguard so not much of an update but an update none the less. Officer and Mr. Flagman are now finished after much procrastinating...

 Standard Bearer

Officer, Colonel Grumpy Pants

Couple of tiny touch-ups left to do like hair and lips but you get the general idea. Also started the men with pikes which look like they are Foundry as opposed to the Shotte which are from Perry Miniatures, whether this will look odd come basing remains to be seen (they are on separate bases) but an emergency baggie of Perry pikers may not be out of the question.


I'll do this chap in blackened armour for a test and if all goes well more will follow, it is one thing to follow historical accuracy and completely another when it comes to what looks best for the table top. There might have been quite a bit of blackened and russeted armour in real life but it is it pretty enough at 1/56th scale? I don't see too much russeted armour in table top armies......

Second of the Lifeguard standard bearers

Finish off with a few more shotte coming through in this batch, the last chap might be a Foundry figure the rest Perry's with another loading pose and kneeling firing, following on from the poses in Pt. 1.

thanks for looking


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