Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ephemora but funny.

I just had to re post this, from SD Forum...... click for bigness

Looks pretty accurate from where I'm sitting, the last photo should be a catalogue ....for more shiny

thanks for looking

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update - WIP gallery Essex 25mm crossbows, Perry 28mm Nap Art.

Time to change things about in the WIP Gallery, the Essex crossbow-men I started a few weeks ago now have crossbows *weeee* I thought I had lost 'em. There's front and rear pic's of each and for older sculpts they come up alright.

Having been splashing some paint on the Foundry Bavarian Generals I pulled out a British horse artillery crew I bought some time back and am subjecting it to my wash and glaze treatment and some shiny varnish to see how they respond.

thanks for looking

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Painted - Bavarian generals 1814

Not much to say other than two done, two to go, actually their nearly finished. So Front rank figures ride around on large dogs and Foundry figures ride around on pit ponies? Ooooer, I hope Peter has got some dullcoat, philistine........

thanks for looking

Friday, 17 February 2012

aWIP - Painting Bavarian Brass 1814

Doing my bit, an invite to an 1814 campaign see's a few Napoleonic figures darkening the bench.  Helping Peter, the campaign organiser, with painting some of the troops, I'm not the machine that he is when it comes to pumping out the battalions but I can manage to wack some paint on the fluffy elements ;-)

I keep saying I will take a photo and put it on the blog so he can see how they are going, got to it at last Peter.

Fluffy feathers and clean up to go on this one

I like the lippy on this one, suits him darlings!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

a WIP Painting - 7yw imagi nation artillery crew and infantry

Things are on the move and as usual I fail to keep up. The last of the outstanding commission work is posted (I'm free at the  moment Mr Peacock) as are the ebay offerings. Some more work on Hesse-Kassoulet's forces was on the cards so here are some WIP shots of the Raugraviate von ze Tittanmuff  artillerists the Erzherzogin Victoria Ellen Guard Infantry and lastly a Hesse Kassoulet Dragoon Caribiniers or as they are known in H-K derr alt Wilhelm. As is usual for my collection they are finished with a lovely shiny coat of lacquer

Sandra artillerists by Eureka, painted with washes and glazes
 over a white gesso undercoat with a satin finish. 

Sandra Infantry by Eureka, painted with washes and glazes
 over a white gesso undercoat with a satin finish. 

British Dragoon possibly by Foundry (?), painted with block colour 
over a white gesso undercoat, transparency for highlighting and shadows

Over the next week I will be painting some Bavarian Brigadiers for an 1814 campaign so I'll have a bit of a spiel on painting these figures using a couple of different approaches. I don't paint many Foundry figures so these will provide a good base figure for some experimentation, what's better is that their not mine muuuu ahhhh haaaa haaa haaaaa!  I'm painting them as part of my contribution to the campaign