Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update - WIP gallery Essex 25mm crossbows, Perry 28mm Nap Art.

Time to change things about in the WIP Gallery, the Essex crossbow-men I started a few weeks ago now have crossbows *weeee* I thought I had lost 'em. There's front and rear pic's of each and for older sculpts they come up alright.

Having been splashing some paint on the Foundry Bavarian Generals I pulled out a British horse artillery crew I bought some time back and am subjecting it to my wash and glaze treatment and some shiny varnish to see how they respond.

thanks for looking


  1. The Horse artilleryman is a great looking figure; is the idea to build up the layers of wash colour with increasingly, intensified colours or do you pick out other details (for example the faces)in a more 'traditional' style now?

  2. Thanks guys, Micheal bloody rude of me to forget to reply to your question. I'll put up a few photo's of the face as I paint one. I took the photo of the face because I can get a better idea of what is going on there viewed on the computer screen.


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