Friday, 23 November 2012

Flags n Such

Well flags really and associated bannery type stuff. Having had a bit of a turn (which necessitated an ambulance) recently I have had to give painting a bit of a miss, my hands and eyes dont seem to work on the same plane, dimension what have you. A lot of reading, writing and general Tom Foolery on the computer has been keeping me active and sane, part of this computer Tom F has been to sit down and work out flaggery.  The great and mystical von Goutstricken has prompted my sudden enthusiasm with his Banner own work for an upcoming iNation campaign we have in the pipeline.

Most of the work has been done with gimp and the utilities paintbox.

I have had to reduce the image quality for posting (the files were big'uns) but you get the general idea.

Tried a couple of different styles with the lower one needing a photo of some wavy bed linen, the black sheets were definitely a non starter.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cap'n, I'll have to pick your brains for some tips and tricks of the trade :-)

  2. Great looking flags Dave, I just can't work out Gimp, I've had a few online lessons, but I must just be thick I guesss??

    1. errrr?

      Nah mate, it is a bit confusing. I'm sure it took me 3 times as long as it should have.

  3. Nice one Dave, good to see you back in action mate.

  4. Cheers Tarty, Cyrus. Getting there Tarty, I've worked out which way is up ;-)


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