Monday, 13 June 2016

ECW- Kings Lifeguard of Foote Pt.1

With Henry Tilliers Regt. finished, minus a pike man and standard, I have moved on to your majesties Regt. or Lifeguard. The figures for this regt. are as bought (Painted as the Lifeguard) and have the correct standards and paraphernalia so all I'm doing is some highlighting, a few glazes and the flesh tones.

It appears that these are Perry miniatures, by the heft, and exhibit somewhat wooden animation (the casting, grrrr) and the stiffness which I associate with the twins own ranges. On the plus side proportions are realistic and same with the drape of the cloth so overall quite serviceable sculpts.

 As with Tilliers regt. I'm using a variety of (red) tones so they don't look too modern or uniform, don't want uniform uniforms! The basis is a variation of brick red for the riff raff and scarlet's and vermilion for the high born officers.

As for the officer figures, these seem more like Foundry (yes probably Perry sculpts) with a little more charm. Still a long way to go but they are gaining some direction...... oh, and me.

thanks for looking

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