Saturday, 23 September 2017

Things and Sculpting: Footguards and Stuff

Things? Things are slow, so slow I haven't been bothered to post about them till now.

Bit sick of painting.... it was actually boring, tedious even! Didn't lose my jomo or whatever the young people call it just preferred to do something else... like walk the dog.

But, I have picked up on sculpting over the last couple of months, very bad sculpting, but sculpting none the less. My Greenstuff mods have improved over the years to the point even I quite like them so I decided to take the plunge and do some radical mods and whole figures. Sculpting 101 or as I like to call it "sculpting with Dick and Jane"

The first big mod sculpt was to pretty much strip, grind, mill some figures back to what would pretty much be an armature and then remake them into the 2nd Footguard's (Coldstream)

The lads aren't looking too bad although they have taken a bit of "doing", each of these figures has had it's faced removed at least twice, far more in some cases. At first it was because they looked terrible... later they looked OK but my face sculpting was getting better and I decided to upgrade. Each week it looked better sooooo.

As you can see I have been using Greenstuff but of late I have been trying out some polymer clay, (ie Fimo and Sculpty) and some other epoxy putties such as Procreate and Magisculpt, which are very similar to GS but have their own peculiarities, more on that later.

latest head/face with my Shieldmaiden in the backround
miniature Easter Island around here!
Well that is what is happening around here, seeya.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

ECW Pikemen

Ye shotte have been awaiting the arrival of their pikemen for some time.... that time has arrived. I mistakenly said in the last post "picking up from where I had left off a few months ago."  More like 6 months ago, time marches on.

So here they are, I will change the chain to brass rather than blackened steal to add a bit of interest, all that black can be a bit boring. Besides I dont think I have a handle on it yet?

More of ye King n Oliver, as good as finished

Monday, 9 January 2017

Ollie and Charlie ECW

Picking up from where I left off a few months ago.... I really did have to start the new year painting something.

Warlord Games again (I suspect) Ollie Cromwell making excitement and Ye King looking cool and relaxed. Ye King sculpt is a little dodgy particularly around the eyes which is a bit of a pity. I might have to order a few of the Bicorne personality figures, they seem largish but from what I can see they seem more consistent.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

ECW- Kings Lifeguard of Foote Pt.3

A bit more movement on this regiment, slightly......

Okay the pike men I had for this unit were from the Foundry range and the shotte from the Perry range (both sculpted by the Perry's) and stylistically were quite different, seeing as I needed to order some horse, and Perry's being much cheaper, I opted to buy 2 packs of Perry pike men for this unit to tie the pike and the shotte bases together. Usually I'm not so fussed about this but the opportunity was there so why not spend a couple more $'s.

Foundry pike men above standing (although they could be viewed and advancing) with pike at 45% wearing the Montero cap. These chaps wont be wasted as I have plenty of Foundry shotte that they can be married to.

A sample of the Perry pike men in marching pose, I will be using the standing pose for this regiment as the shotte are in firing and loading pose, it just happened that his was the box I grabbed a sample figure from. The sculpts aren't as detailed and relaxed as their Foundry work but the proportions are much more realistic and will fit better with the shotte, particularly useful down the track if I need to move them on.

Mock up of the pike block with the Foundry figures, yes the officers are finally finished.

Two bases worth of shotte in mock up, I do need to make the regiments look a bit more rag tag, I figured the Lifeguard might have been a bit more presentable...

Another of the command, I think the officer and standard bearer with the cape are Foundry, not so sure about the other however he looks well pleased with himself... being in the Kings regiment and all.

And the dead and injured are piling up, decided to get a start on some casualty figures (Warlord Games) to sprinkle about the bases, chaps in blue will be a hint of the next regiment after the Lifeguard......

thanks for looking