Sunday 3 December 2023


 My small horde of marketplace Perry ACW have been crying out for some love from the Quartermaster aka me!

Well I decided to acquiesce to their, frankly, quite reasonable demands, but how can I paint so many by my lonesome to a reasonable standard with minimum expenditure of effort

Noooo, not red paint.... Contrast paint! I'm late to the party I know, however I am going the contrast paint route with my Perry rebels and it is going to be awesome (spoiler: they are), probably.

Now for the errr, good news? I have documented my experience with the paint le contrast on the youtube, this is so people I have yet to meet can mock and laugh at my lowly skills as a painter and video documenteur.

The first of my epic videos cover the applicacion of ze grey tones and can be viewed here

And the second even more epic video with all the rest of the stuff is 'ere eh

Hey thanks for having a look at my post... if you made it this far 👍

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