Wednesday, 4 August 2010

SYW Irish in French Service: Wild Geese Regiment Lally's

A few pics of the finished Infantryman of Lally de Tollendal Wild Geese Regiment, Irishmen in French service. It is thought that by the SYW it is more likely to be Frenchmen in an Irish regiment in French service, but I'll let others with more time to argue that one out.

These photos have been taken as part of my final check (poor eyesight) before I finalise the colours and uniform details. Basically to make sure I'm happy.

Unfortunately with uniforms from the 18th C (French in particular) uniform regulations varied quite a bit in detail, then compound that with modern reference sources which vary just as much on a given period of  the uniform regulations, then add on commanding officers attention to the official regulations.... blah blah blah......

I have found two wildly different shades of green for facing colours and hat trim has been shown as either yellow or white. As far as I'm concerned this is my preferred shade of green for the facings however the hat lace I may change to white, although that may necessitate changing the buttons to tin, it just doens't end 8)

The colour for the linen sack and leather shade for the accoutrament  I found pretty acceptable (though some may find the leather isn't buff enough). The majority of the Wild Geese regiments probably had turnbacks on their coats and lapels although I have found two plates where Lally's doesn't show this so I'm going with the standard French uniform 'cut of coat' for this regiment. I'm not decided what to do for the other Wild Geese regiments as I may have to source a figure outside of the Minden range or do some conversion work on a figure with turnbacks and lapels.  Have to wait and see how the range pans out and whether the little details are such as packs etc are of as much importance to me as the turnbacks and lapels, if it gets too hard I suspect not ;-)

As I mentioned earlier these are more or less photos of a final draft (of the figure) nature of which many are taken along the way just to aid with getting a clear view (I must get to the optometrist). I have taken a series of pictures with the view of detailing the painting process which I will post later with those details

Two of the sources used in the research, the lower is from the excellent online SYW resource Kronoskaf and the upper the equally good Mouliard Les regiments sous LouisXV online resource for the Moulliard plates of the French Army of, yes you have guessed it, Louis the 15th.


  1. Lovely, mate. I especially like the way you've painted the white, it's very effective.

  2. I'm delighted. You've done a wonderful job.
    As concerns sources, my own experience is: do not trust anyone - not even yourself. I've had to redo some of my AWI French regiments in the course of time. At least Minden figures are to be trusted, being based on intensive research. Mouillard is not a bad source, to my experience. I would therefore repaint the hats (white lining). Have you had a look at NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR webpage?

  3. Sorry, I must correct myself: yellow hat border is right (Lienhart/Humbert, vol. III, pl. 22).

  4. great looking job there, I have a large 28mm SYW project on the go ATM in fact your posy may have just kick started it again as it had stalled a little.
    Cheers for that James

  5. Thanks guys

    Im pretty happy with how he cam out. This sample has more or less fixed the template for his comrades, the few I have, which are queuing up for their kit.

    James a wargamer isn't a wargamer with out a SYW unit under construction or in the skeleton closet! That's proper wargaming after all.

    regards guys

  6. Very nice work, Dave. I've always liked the distinctive redcoat uniforms of the Irish regiments.Your paintwork brings this to life beautifully.

    And the Irish's flags have got to be some of the nicest designs around.

  7. Cheers Roly

    It doesn't make up for your out gunning me on the painting front though.

    I love the Irish flags too, get them in amongst the more out there french and the swiss standards and the old french army puts on a bit of a colourful show.

    I've been thinking about ordering some Croats from Frank next, even though the Austrians are some way off my radar the examples from DAF and others look great.



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