Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wargaming Forum: Wargamers Website

More a plug if nothing else, The Wargames Website is a newish forum dedicated to... War Gaming!

If your looking for a place to discuss the hobby in a non toxic environment without the ego's, thinly veiled politicking, adhoc moderation and superiority complexes then this is the place for you. Being relatively new there isn't loads of traffic yet but what you get is people discussing war gaming in a friendly and cooperative manner, I suspect bad behaviour and aggravation will not be tolerated by the admin or the members. Tons of war gaming news and traders making sure you keep up to date on the latest gossip

Go and have a look and sign up


  1. Thanks for the info, Dave. "non-toxic" lol!

  2. ;-) get in there Dean, post some of your great photos and ideas. Just the right sort of chap The Wargames Website is for.

  3. Thanks. Don't forget all the resources too, like hobby news, club listing, event calendar, manufacturers listing etc... :)


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